CSR, ESG and Sustainability- Commonalities and Differences.
How to raise funds in the Changing Face of the Business World?

  • Trainer: Gopal Kumar Jain
  • Study Time: 60mins
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Course Overview
This course explores CSR, ESG, and Sustainability, highlighting their commonalities and differences. Participants will learn to implement effective initiatives and navigate the evolving financial landscape to raise funds for socially responsible projects in today's dynamic business environment.
  • Video time: 60mins

This course outline the following aspects:


ESG, CSR & Sustainability

Commonalities & Differences

ESG, CSR & Sustainability

Paradigm Shift

From CSR to ESG

Next Steps

Why ESG Matters for Non-Profits & The Way Forward for Non-Profits

Course Lessons

Mr. Gopal Kumar Jain
About Trainer
A Senior developmental sector professional, with over 25 years of rich experience in delivering optimal results & business value in high-growth environment in the areas of NGO management, fundraising, corporate partnerships, CSR, employee engagement, retail fundraising, major donor acquisition and retention, institutional fundraising, volunteer management, branding and communications, programme management and networking. Possess competencies in leading multi-channels resource mobilization. Acquired and serviced over 100,000 individual donors, mainly major donors and partnered with over 100 corporate and institutional donors.