Digital Marketing for Fundraising

  • Trainer: Gopal Kumar Jain
  • Study time: 60 Minutes
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Course Overview

For years, non-profit fundraising has been moving further and further online. But 2020 saw it take a great leap in that direction as the COVID pandemic radically changed our options. The sudden change has forced fundraisers to learn how to become digital fundraising experts and fast. However, many fundraisers don’t realize that it has also forced us to become marketers. But COVID took the slow intersection of marketing and fundraising and smashed the two together. As a result, many of us find that our jobs look a lot different than they did six months ago. We call it The Great Merging: marketing and fundraising are blending. And as non-profit fundraising has made a massive leap to digital, fundraisers are finding that they need new tools to become great digital marketers.

In this training course, we have compiled some foundational strategies to help you build your marketing skillset during this Great Merging of Fundraising and Marketing.

  • Video time: 60 minutes
  • Exams: X

This course outlines the following aspects:

Digital Marketing Basics

How to Get Started with your Website and Branding 

Blogging and Vlogging

Social Media Marketing

Course Lessons

Gopal Kumar Jain
The Trainer
Gopal Kumar Jain is a senior developmental sector professional with over 25 years of rich experience in the areas of NGO Management, Fundraising, Corporate Partnerships, CSR Management, Branding and Communications, Programme Management and Compliance Management.