Grant Writing Skills & Tips for
Award Winning Proposals 

  • Trainer: Cheryl Hooper
  • Study time: 20 Minutes
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Course Overview
Grant writing can be an overwhelming task for non-profits. It is important to understand what grant writing is and why it is important in order to make the most of this resource. Grant writing is the process of submitting a proposal to a granting organization in order to secure financial support for your non-profit. Grants can provide much-needed funding for organizations, making it possible to carry out your mission statement and achieve your goals. In order to submit a successful proposal, it is essential to understand the grant seeking process and how to write compelling narrative sections and budget requests. By understanding the basics of grant writing, you can increase the chances that your organization will receive the financial support it needs.

This video course provides an introduction to grant writing skills and tips to write award-winning proposals.

The course outlines the following aspects:

Types of Funders

Who are the Funders?

The Key Differences to the Applications Process

Tips on Structure and Content

Key Tips for Writing a Concept Note

The USAID Concept Note Template

The Details of Concept Note

Theory of Change

The Change Your Project will make

Cheryl Hooper
The Trainer
A multi-skilled Senior Director and qualified Life Coach, with 20 years' experience and skills in fundraising, partnership building, communications and organizational development. A creative and strategic thinker with proven experience in all fundraising areas including grant making Trusts and Foundations, institutional funding, corporate development, individual donors and events. Significant experience in international development, international partnership building and programme development for the purposes of funding for projects in South Africa, Zambia. and Kenya. Experienced grant writer specifically winning large multi-year proposals for DFID, UKAID, Comic Relief to a value of £3million. Also founder and Director of The Conscious Company, a global fashion brand.