How to Develop Successful Grant Writing Skills

  • Trainer: Cheryl Hooper
  • Study Time: 20 Minutes
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Course Overview
In NGOs, where resources are stretched and time is short, it is possible to overlook the basics when it comes to fundraising and income generation.
Sometimes we are not able to step back and take stock of what skills lie within our existing team, and what and where the gaps lie. To strengthen fundraising and create a firmer financial foundation, you need to know where you are now. You need to know what your strengths are, where are the weak spots, and where improvement is needed.

The course outlines the following aspects:

Planning Your Proposal

Recognize what you have achieved so far

Impact, Outputs and Outcomes

Identify where you can make improvements

Understanding the Funders

Presentation, Style and Format

Be clearer on what skills are needed to achieve your fundraising objectives

Course contents

Cheryl Hooper
The Trainer
A multi-skilled Senior Director and qualified Life Coach, with 20 years' experience and skills in fundraising, partnership building, communications and organizational development. A creative and strategic thinker with proven experience in all fundraising areas including grant making Trusts and Foundations, institutional funding, corporate development, individual donors and events. Significant experience in international development, international partnership building and programme development for the purposes of funding for projects in South Africa, Zambia. And Kenya. Experienced grant writer specifically winning large multi-year proposals for DFID, UKAID, Comic Relief to a value of £3million. Also founder and Director of The Conscious Company, a global fashion brand.