Researching the Right Donors for your NGO

  • Trainer: Noriko Nayuki (Noguchi)
  • Study time: 60Minutes
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Course Overview
If you do not know your donors, you will hardly find success in raising funds. Researching donors is the first step to raising funds. When you identify them and request funding, there are better chances of winning a grant for your organization. However, if you are trying to raise funds without doing any research, you will likely remain unsuccessful. So how can one start researching donors? 
This training course will help NGOs on how to research, identify and match the right donors to successfully raise funds.

  • Video time: 60 Minutes

The course outlines the following aspects:

What is Donor Research?

The Importance of Donor Research

Different Types of Donors

Before and After Applying

Course Lessons

Noriko Nayuki (Noguchi)
The Trainer
Noriko Nayuki (Noguchi) has vast experience assessing, monitoring, and evaluating project applications of NGOs and local government agencies. She has worked as an Advisor at the Embassy of Japan in Austria and as a Researcher at the Japan International Cooperation Center under the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and has been responsible for supervising the successful implementation of several NGO projects in partnership with overseas aid agencies and the United Nations. She is currently based in Tokyo, Japan.