How to Transform your NGO into a Social Enterprise and Receive both Funding and Sales Revenue

  • Trainer: Gopal Kumar Jain
  • Time: 60 Minutes
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Course Overview
The continuous fluctuations in grant support must be a wake-up call for NGOs and a sure sign to change. For years NGOs have relied on donors, corporates, or individual philanthropists for fundraising, but now it's time to minimize the financial dependency and strive to achieve more financial independence. How? One of the ways to ensure sustainable income for NGOs is to transform themselves into social enterprises. This training course will provide you with the detailed process of NGO transformation into a social enterprise. With each passing chapter, you will understand that entrepreneurship creates social value and impact rather than solely gaining financial profit.
  • Video time: 60 Minutes

The course outline the following aspects:


System Mapping


Team Building

Course Lessons

Gopal Kumar Jain
The trainer
A Senior developmental sector professional, with over 25 years of rich experience in delivering optimal results & business value in high-growth environment in the areas of NGO management, fundraising, corporate partnerships, CSR, employee engagement, retail fundraising, major donor acquisition and retention, institutional fundraising, volunteer management, branding and communications, programme management and networking. Possess competencies in leading multi-channels resource mobilization. Acquired and serviced over 100,000 individual donors, mainly major donors and partnered with over 100 corporate and institutional donors.