Writing the Project Rationale in Funding Applications

  • Trainer: Cheryl Hooper
  • Study time: 22 mins
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Course Overview
  • We have designed this course to give you a clear insight on Project Rationale in Funding Applications. The trainer guides you through all the obstacles you think are there and make it very easy for you to build capacity and improve your chances of succession with funding applications. Some applications have a strict word limit and it confuses us on what to include and what to leave out. We will be learning how you can include everything in brief and make your application a success.

    Let’s get you going! Good Luck!

The 4 key areas to a Strong Project Rationale are:

How to use this section to present the problem you want to address.

How to develop a convincing narrative.

How to make sure that the narrative reflects the interest of the donor.

Why your NGO is capable of delivering the project using the outlined approach.

Cheryl Hooper
The Trainer
A multi-skilled Senior Director and qualified Life Coach, with 20 years' experience and skills in fundraising, partnership building, communications and organizational development. A creative and strategic thinker with proven experience in all fundraising areas including grant making Trusts and Foundations, institutional funding, corporate development, individual donors and events. Significant experience in international development, international partnership building and programme development for the purposes of funding for projects in South Africa, Zambia. and Kenya. Experienced grant writer specifically winning large multi-year proposals for DFID, UKAID, Comic Relief to a value of £3million. Also founder and Director of The Conscious Company, a global fashion brand.